What Causes Workplace #Bullying — & How Do We Discourage It? Mind On The Job

Mind on the Job Episode 2 — Workplace Bullying!

It’s a menace, it causes huge problems, and it happens in more workplaces than you’d think. So if someone is treating you badly at work, why is that happening, and what steps should be taken?

In this episode, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Associate Professor Michelle Tuckey (University of South Australia) and Ms Heather Ikin (formerly of Workplace Health & Safety Queensland, now at the Office of Industrial Relations) about what bullying means, how common it is, and where it is most common. We then tackle the two biggest issues: what causes bullying, and what can you do about it?

More resources on this topic:

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Mind On The Job

Episode 02: Workplace Bullying: How Can We Discourage It?

Created, presented & produced by Dr Ben Searle (@drbensearle)

Guests: Associate Professor Michelle Tuckey and Ms Heather Ikin

Music is Cypher by Kevin Macleod

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