What Causes Employee #Burnout — & What Can We Do To Prevent It? Mind On The Job

Mind on the Job episode 3 — Burnout & Wellbeing!

Work can sometimes be stressful, but if it gets too bad or goes on for too long, people can burn out. But what does that look like? How would you know if you’re at risk of burning out? What causes burnout, and what should organisations be doing to prevent it?

To answer these questions, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Professor Michael Leiter (Deakin University) and Ms Diya Dey (FBG Group).

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Mind on the Job

Created, presented & produced by Dr Ben Searle (@drbensearle)

Episode 03: Burnout & Wellbeing at Work: How Do We Manage Them?

Guests: Professor Michael Leiter and Ms Diya Dey

Music is Cypher by Kevin Macleod

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