Organisational culture & climate: What they are, why they matter, & how they change.

Mind on the Job episode 05: Organisational Culture & Climate!

When people work in social groupings, like organisations, they tend to develop a shared set of perceptions, attitudes, and values. These can be reinforced through systems, behaviours, and personnel selection until you have measurable phenomena that we call organisational culture (and it’s more easily measured attitudinal cousin, organisational climate).

But what exactly are they, and what is the difference between them? Why do we care about them at all? And if they matter, what can we do to improve them?

To answer these questions, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Associate Professor Ian Glendon (Griffith University) and Dr Louise Parkes (Voice Project).

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Mind on the Job

Created, presented & produced by Dr Ben Searle (@drbensearle)

Episode 03: Burnout & Wellbeing at Work: How Do We Manage Them?

Guests: Associate Professor Ian Glendon and Dr Louise Parkes

Music is Cypher by Kevin Macleod

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