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Mind on the Job episode 04: Assessment for Selection!

People are an organisation’s greatest asset, and from time to time, an organisation needs new people. But when a bunch of candidates apply for the one job, how do we work out who is the best person for the job? What are the limitations of traditional job interviews? What use are psychometric assessments? What differentiates executive selection from entry-level selection?

To answer these questions, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Dr Patrick Dunlop (University of Western Australia) and Ms Jamie Sims (People measures).

More resources on this topic:

  • There are lots of great resources on YouTube about preparing for behavioural interviews (as the interviewer or the interviewee!);
  • Here is the link to the classic Schmidt & Hunter article in Psych Bulletin that summarises 85 years of selection research and highlights the merits of standardised psychometric tests.

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Mind on the Job

Created, presented & produced by Dr Ben Searle (@drbensearle)

Episode 04: Assessment for Selection: Insights into Effective Hiring

Guests: Dr Patrick Dunlop and Ms Jamie Sims

Music is Cypher by Kevin Macleod

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