Terrific teamwork: Designing, coaching & assessing teams

Mind on the Job episode 06 is about Designing & coaching terrific teams!

When a group of people get together under the right conditions, they can make a successful team — one whose collective capability is greater than the sum of its parts. But not all teams are effective, and some are downright dysfunctional.

So why aren’t all teams effective? What conditions are necessary for a team to work well? What else can we provide, and what can leaders do, to maximise team effectiveness?

To answer these questions, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Dr Ruth Wageman (Team Diagnostics) and Ms Pauline Willis (Lauriate).

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Episode 06: Terrific #teamwork: Designing, coaching & assessing teams.

Guests: Professor Ruth Wageman and Ms Pauline Willis

Music is Cypher by Kevin Macleod

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